eCO2meter is a web tool for the collection of data calculating the yearly energy consumption and GHG emissions of NRENs and the online completion of their GHG Reports. eCO2meter is able to support the automatic extraction of statistics, the automatic conversion to CO2 emissions and comparisons among different NRENs/sectors/years/metrics etc.

Note: During the completion of the online reports, you may access the eCO2meter documentation ( for guidelines on how to fill in the requested input per section.

Energy consumption and emission statistics can be viewed here.

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Finalized Reports (22)

Report Actions
GRNET - GHG Report for 2010
GRNET - GHG Report for 2011
GRNET - GHG Report for 2012
GRNET - GHG Report for 2014
GRNET - GHG Report for 2015
HEAnet - GHG report for 2011
HEAnet - GHG report for 2012
HEAnet - GHG report for 2013
HEAnet - GHG report for 2014
HEAnet - GHG Report for 2015
NIIF - GHG report for 2014
NIIF - GHG report for 2015
AMRES - GHG Report for 2012
AMRES - GHG Report for 2013
AMRES - GHG Report for 2014
AMRES - GHG Report for 2015
CyNet - GHG report for 2013
CyNet - GHG report for 2014
CyNet - GHG Report for 2015
ASNET-AM - GHG Report for 2015
MREN - GHG report for 2015
MARNET - GHG report for 2015